How it works
Hereunder find a high level overview of the process PeakSoft will take you through when you sign up today.

Leverage a state-of-the-art goal setting system to create S.M.A.R.T goals across 7 core life categories: Business & Career, Health & Recreational, Financial & Wealth Building, Family & Relationships, Dream List & Bucket List, Personal & Growth, Legacy & Contribution. The 12-step process will ensure you think deeper about each goal, than you ever have before.

Use the task management system to tease out the steps you need to take to achieve each goal. The sophisticated ABCDE Matrix will ensure they are correctly weighted, ranked and sequenced for processing.

Leverage the visualization system to turn your goals into pictorial representations. Your mind thinks in pictures so this system saturates your mind with positive imagery. This is proven to significantly increase success rates.

Use the sophisticated ‘Dashboard’ module to process sequenced to do lists, build daily habits, and generate momentum towards your goals. This module is the HEART of the system that forces you to take action each and every day.

Leverage the counter-procrastination system to overcome inertia, boost productivity and achieve more in less time. Advanced ‘Reward’ and ‘Penalty’ features will skyrocket your results.

Use the journaling system to record your daily thoughts and chart your progress towards goal attainment.

Leverage the game changing accountability system to hold you accountable each and every day. This forcing system ensures that you develop habits, achieve goals, hit milestones and complete tasks by their assigned deadlines.

Finally a comprehensive reporting system gives you in depth analytics into how you are progressing with each and every goal. This will keep you motivated and drive you towards goal attainment.