How it works
Hereunder find a high level overview of the process PeakSoft will take you through when you sign up today.

First you will create your mission statement. This synthesizes your core values to build a solid foundation to achieve goals congruent with those values.

Next you follow the beautiful wizard to create a detailed list of goals sorted in order of priority for each area of your life: Dream List & Bucket List, Health & Recreational, Business & Career, Family & Relationships, Financial & Wealth Building, Personal & Growth, Legacy & Contribution.

Then you create a detailed list of all the to-do items that need to be executed in sequence to achieve each of these goals. Sophisticated technologies force you to pinpoint and rank order the higher value tasks.

Next the system leverages it's patented algorithms to automatically build a customized time table tailored to your unique life style.

Next procrastination is eliminated by leveraging 5 different ‘Task Completion Technologies™’ that literally force you to take action and work on your highest value tasks every day til you achieve your goals.

Next your sub conscious mind is activated though a process called 'Mind Streaming'. This literally hypnotizes you to develop the belief and the will power to pursue your dreams.

Finally stunning graphics, charts and statistics are generated at the click of a button, to give you unique insights into your progress, and to help you to identify short cuts to achieving the success you deserve.

Once you pass through this 7 step process you will have executed the most scientifically advanced goal attainment process on the market. Your success is inevitable.