Please find here under answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
What Is PeakSoft?

PeakSoft is the ULTIMATE life management software. It’s an All-in-One SaaS platform that encapsulates goal setting, time management, to do lists and various counter procrastination technologies. Effectively it helps you to pinpoint the goals that really matter to you then it guides you all the way from goal setting to goal achieving. It helps you to turn dreams into reality.

How much does PeakSoft cost?

You get a 14 day free trial. Then on day 15 you are charged $199 (annual subscription). This equates to just $0.54/day which is not very much considering the way it will transform your life.

What Is Life Management Software?

Life Management Software helps you to organize your life in a way that you work on tasks that materialize your goals in the fastest time possible. It ensures you work diligently on all life categories not only to achieve work / life balance, but to ensure you are continuously progressing in all areas of your life.

What Makes PeakSoft™ better than it's competitors?

Unlike it’s competitors, PeakSoft is a ‘complete solution’ that takes you all the way from setting your goals to forcing you to do the tasks that lead to goal attainment. With it’s patent pending algorithms and unique Task Completion Technology™, it is the most sophisticated tool on the market in this genre.

What benefit is PeakSoft™ over using traditional pen and paper?

Writing out your goals on scraps of paper is significantly inferior because not only are you missing out on the step-by-step goal creation wizard, but you miss out on the task prioritization methodologies, automated timetable sequencing, powerful task completion technologies, and data mining systems. PeakSoft launches you towards your goals in a way that pen and paper could never match on any dimension.

Are my goals private or can the public see them too?

Your Goals are private. You can however chose to share them with friends or other members of the public, if you wish to exert additional pressure on yourself, to achieve them by established deadlines.

If I end my membership do I lose all my information?

If you end your membership your content will be retained on the system and accessible again once you re-activate your membership.

Why is the purpose of a mission statement?

If you set goals that are not congruent with your core values, then you are less likely to achieve them. PeakSoft™’s ‘Mission Statement Builder’ helps you to create a mission statement perfectly aligned with your core values. This makes it far easier to identify if any given goal is something you truly want / need to achieve.

I'm a goal-setting novice. Will I be able to use PeakSoft?

Absolutely. PeakSoft uses a network of step-by-step wizards to walk you through every step in the process. All you need to do is answer the questions the software asks you, and it will do all the heavy lifting to help your goals become reality.

Do I need any external third party programs to get the full benefit from PeakSoft™?

No. Unlike most of our competitors that require you to use third party calendars / applications, PeakSoft™ uses its own proprietary technologies. This is an All-in-One solution so you will not need any other program to make it work.

How do your 'Task Completion Technologies' eliminate Procrastination?

Our patent pending ‘Task Completion Technologies’ leverage Dr. Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking research into the human need to Gain Pleasure & Avoid Pain. We created 5 TCTs that enact these emotions like never before, to literally force you to follow through and take action.

What is A Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a pictorial representation of your goals. Your mind thinks in pictures so this feature speaks to your potential in a language it understands.