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How Does It Work?
Create your dream life using these 7 modules:


Create To-Do Lists infused with artificial intelligence to ignite productivity & habit formation.


Create the ULTIMATE S.M.A.R.T Goals for every life category.


Pinpoint the tasks required to achieve each goal, by sequence and priority.


Journaling triggers ideas and more effective ways of doing things.

Vision Board

The visualization feature uses animated vision boards to visualize success.


A Forcing system ensures deadlines are met for goals, milestones, tasks and habits.


Detailed analytics, graphs and charts pinpoint areas where improvement is necessary.

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"If I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you: ‘Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them and work on your plans every single day.’ Success is goals and all else is commentary."

- Brian Tracy,

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. All goal setting must be immediately followed by a plan, and massive and consistent action toward it’s fulfillment."

- Anthony Robbins,

"Goal-setting is powerful because it provides focus. It shapes our dreams. It gives us the ability to hone in on the exact actions we need to perform to achieve everything we desire in life."

- Jim Rohn,

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal… People with goals succeed because they know where they are going… it’s as simple as that."

- Earl Nightingale,

"Goal setting is the essence of life. Tenaciously pursue your goals not for external praise but for inner reward. It makes you a better person, parent, professional. Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time"

- Bob Proctor,

Instantly INCREASE Productivity BY 3-5 X
and Decrease Procrastination By 95%!
Imagine being able to feed any goal into the software and letting it guide you all the way to goal attainment
in the shortest time possible.
  • Set, Track & Achieve Your Goals
  • Manage Your Time
  • Boost Your Productivity
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Go After What You Really Want
  • Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
  • Squeeze More Out Of Every Day
  • Achieve Perfect Work/Life Balance
  • Reach Your Maximum Potential
  • Be, Do or Have Anything You Desire
  • Accelerate Success And Achievement
  • Plan & Organize Your Busy Life
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These Revolutionary Features Enable You To...


The ‘Goals’ Module leverages a powerful 12-step goal setting process. This enables you to create SMART GOALS across 7 core life categories:

  • Business & Career
  • Dream List & Bucket List
  • Health & Recreational
  • Family & Relationship
  • Wealth & Finance
  • Personal & Growth
  • Legacy & Contribution

By the end of this process you’ll know exactly what you want, why you want it, how to get it, and to do what is necessary to achieve every goal.


The ‘Tasks’ Module helps you to figure out the steps required to achieve each goal. It leverages sophisticated features to ensure you rank and sequence the tasks in order of their true importance. This ensures you are always working on your highest payoff tasks, which greatly accelerates your success.


The ‘Dashboard’ module helps you to become more efficient with your time and more effective with your actions. A unique time zone system ensures you spend adequate time on each life category. This ensures that you gain momentum in the direction of your goals each and every day. Powerful features focus your efforts on high value tasks, nurture good habits, eliminate procrastination, increase productivity and boost motivation.

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Habits will make / break your ability to achieve your goals. The ‘Habits’ feature will nurture good habits and break destructive habits. You must practice habits on scheduled days and if you don’t there are consequences.


The optional ‘micro fine function’ penalizes you for missing deadlines. The ‘gamification function’ awards / deducts points based on your completion of goals, milestones, tasks and habits. The ‘commitment contract’ publicizes your intention to achieve certain goals by certain dates. All of these features serve to eliminate procrastination.


The ‘Accountability’ Module keeps track of deadlines. Anytime a deadline expires for one of your goals, milestones, tasks or habits, the system forces you to select whether or not you met that deadline. Hitting deadlines has positive consequences, missing deadlines has negative consequences. This is the ultimate form of behavioral modification.

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Your mind thinks in pictures, not in words. The ‘Vision Board’ Module turns your goals into an animated picture slideshow. Watching this slideshow daily saturates your mind with positive imagery. This type of visualization is scientifically proven to get you to take the actions necessary to manifest your goals.


The ‘Journal’ Module lets you capture your daily thoughts. Recording your journey toward goal attainment is a powerful way to chart your progress. It can help you to figure out more effective actions and help you to stay motivated.


What gets measured gets done. The ‘Reports’ module provides detailed analytical insights into how you spend your time. It highlights time leakages, areas for improvement, things you procrastinate on, the % of time you spend doing different things and it identifies ways to become more productive. By leveraging these insights you will get far more work done in less time.

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Cindy Donovan

“Work is a fast paced environment and I needed a sophisticated solution to effectively manage my professional life.

I tried everything from traditional paper based planners to various productivity apps but they all fell short of the mark. Then one day I stumbled across PeakSoft and everything changed.

I would describe PeakSoft as the ‘ultimate life management app’. It’s my goal setting system, my time management system, my daily planner, my productivity partner, my visualization center, and my procrastination beater all wrapped up together in one easy to use software system.

If you ever felt overloaded with work or life in general, then I highly recommend PeakSoft. It has made me super efficient, more productive, and ultimately led to greater work life balance".

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  • All-in-One Dashboard
  • Goal Setting System
  • Task Management System
  • Accountability System
  • Visualization System
  • Counter Procrastination System
  • Task Completion System
  • Journaling System
  • Task Prioritization System
  • Mission Statement System
  • Time Zone System
  • Habit Development System
  • Gamification System
  • Commitment Contract Utility
  • Reporting Center